Lighting Decision Jam

By Fortune, UX/UI Student. Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) is a workshop method by AJ&Smart, a design agency in Berlin. It helps teams solve problems, make decisions, and generate ideas quickly and easily. LDJ is based on Design Sprints and Design Thinking.

By John Riordan, aspiring photographer. Kilsheelan, one of the most colourful tidy towns in Ireland, snapped in black and white.

Affected by Tragic Design

By [@topgold]( content wrangler. While flipping through Tragic Design I've discovered three examples directly related to my life.

After My First Week of Microblogging

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.I’ve been microblogging for one week now. I appreciate the 2001 vibe that emanates from this microblogging community.Some of the original generation of bloggers now use microblogs or they share elements of their online presence as microblogs. The discovery …

Bernie's Daily Readwise

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.I have tried to flip through my Daily Readwise summaries for more than 200 consecutive days but I have fallen short three separate times.I like saving liked tweets, Kindle highlights, manually added text snippets, and Shortform passages to Readwise where they …

Efficiently Creating Transcripts

by Bernie Goldbach, Content Wrangler I have some thoughts about making transcripts for spoken material that I want to share. I started thinking about the idea while spending part of June 2022 completing an audioblogging challenge which meant I had to create one piece of audio for 30 consecutive …