@odd To search and find results with high degrees of accuracy, I had to compare Alta Vista to Excite to Hotbot to Dogpile. Google in alpha did all that for me decades ago.

@Omrrc I get the feeling that the elder Harrison Ford likes playing dark roles.

@david I think people on Mastodon have to follow my Micro.blog acct before they can reply to me.

@ictedu I think you need to follow us via RSS or by browsing directly to clonmeldigital.micro.blog because this post addressed to you didn't land in your Mastodon timeline. Perhaps #Mastodonaine needs to add the Micro.blog instance to its trusted sources list.

@ictedu We're experimenting with 360 imagery. Let us know if your browser can show the entire rotation of this quick snap with Ricoh 360 Theta. It doesn't appear to be uploading as a 360 image from our side while using the browser upload.<P><img …