By Stuart Connolly Aspiring Audio/Graphic designer.

Aspirations (Andrew Faulkner)

by Andrew Faulkner aspiring artist

I enjoy art in many forms, I love to draw, write and even make music at times. I draw almost everyday and I’m always thinking of ideas for games, movies, shows etc. I like to write my own stories, usually they are either fantasy or sci-fi, sometimes I even try my hand at horror. I then draw pictures of characters from the stories I come up with and then if I’m really happy with the ideas I may even make a bit of music for the story. If I come up with an idea, I immediately write it down or draw a character or characters from it.

My biggest aspiration in life is to get good at proper animation and maybe even professional music development so that I can bring my stories and characters I created to life and show them to the world. I mainly plan to work by myself, maybe even form my own studio so I don’t have to worry about companies altering my work to fit a specific demographic. I want my work to be unchanged and stay the way I want it.


by Sean Keane, aspiring VFX Artist and Digital Artist Quick thoughts about what I’m doing now

My current work is mostly fan art of characters from video games and anime with a few original pieces as well, I hope to be able to improve my ability to draw and one day be able to draw on a professional leavel . Fan art of hadron from custom robo arena.…

by Stuart Connolly, aspiring sound designer.

My interests include Audio recording and processing of all kinds from music to soundscapes to foley recording, photography and graphic design.

By John Riordan, aspiring photographer.

Kilsheelan, one of the most colourful tidy towns in Ireland, snapped in black and white. Black and white River Suir

by Bernie Goldbach, Content Wrangler.
Reading Looking before we leap from the Ada Lovelace Institute to better consider the role played by our academic research when ethically evaluating AI and data science.

By Kellie Flaherty Storyboard Artist

Here’s a redraw I did of a promotional countdown illustration of the character Narciso Anasui drawn by the prop designer Daisuke Niizuma for the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

Narciso Anasui

by izunna character designer Let me die with you is the name of this artwork and is inspired by a song by pierce the veil “Bulletproof Love”

By the amazing phrazle group. Its a game where you have to guess the phrase. Every day there is a new popular phrase to guess. The green means you guess the right letter in the right place, the yellow means he letter is in the right word but in the wrong place, the purple means the letter is in the phrase but in the wrong word and grey means the letter is not in the phrase.

By Kayleigh O' Flaherty - Aspiring story / storyboard artist

It has come to that time of year again where all I have been doing is making lists and slowly ticking off what ever assignments I have left to do before Christmas. This time of the year is always crammed with assignments and projects that I have to finish for Christmas assesments. This has not allowed me much time to focus on my personal work but knowing I can do whatever I want after I finish all my projects and relax is a big motivator for me. Time is scarce espiceally with having a job on top of college work. One thing in particular I have liked is making an illustration portfolio for one of my modules. It was part of my final assignments for my Illustration for Animation. It includes process work, sketches and final pieces done for my character I created. It has a lot of work I like and am happy with showing. For anyone who is interested, I will provide a link to the portfolio. I know I always find it interesting to look through peoples process work and see how they got to the final result in the end, so I hope this will do the same.


By Sun Lim Aspiring Character Designer

The image I put up is a characater turn around I did for an illustration class. The design was inspired generally by different plants; mainly those that produce fluff when spreading their seeds. The idea came around when I was looking at concept art for “Wolfwalker” by Cartoon Saloon. One of the characters they designed has this really round and exxagerated hair that just stuck out in an interesting way because it was essentially a big red circle, so, when i was thinking of designing a character I also wanted to encapsulate that hyper exaggerated hair. Eventually, it led to this royal archetype of character where the hair became almost like an indicater of the characters status, similar to how queen bee of a hive are larger than then the worker bees.

by Piotr Chodup 2D and 3D Animator/Storyboard Artist/Illustrator

A character design I came up with in Illustration class.

by Iris Aghedo Animator/Character designer

Here is a digital illustration that I did for a college project. Its a self portrait featuring my special interests, nature, bugs and bones.

By Sam McKenzie, Aspiring Concept Artist

Here is a character I designed for my illustration and character design class. I was very heavily inspired by the manga Berserk and the video game series Dark Souls. The poses that the main character Guts uses from Berserk are very fun to draw and I wanted to incorporate that into my own character. The movements of the character Artorias from Dark Souls also inspired his design with sharp angles and a rough, worn down look. Overall, he was so much fun to create!

by @topgold Content Wrangler Trying from Gluon but I don’t think will see the image that appears on this post at The image is another 360 from a studio session.

Snapped with 360 Ricoh Theta V

by Abbi O’Brien Kiely, character animator and character designer.

Here is a character I designed for fun during an illustration module on campus. He’s Dennis the Dentist. @abee_dabee_doo (insta)

Art by Abbi O'Brien Kiely

#characterdesign #irishart# animation

by Joshua Levis an aspiring Art Director.

This is my current 3D Modelling project. I am in the process of UV wrapping for the first time.

3D Model of a woman

by Cillian Ryan aspiring Character designer

Alternate head designs I made for my character to add some different personality and feel to him. I added different shapes sizes and proportions to him to change audiences perception of him.

Alternate Head designs

by Oggy, aspiring character designer and animator. This is a character design I made for a personal project - Geraldo “Scanvenger”

Scanvenger Scanvenger by Oggy Find more work by Oggy on IG at []

An early piece i did for Inktober this year

by Simon Malone, aspiring character designer.

This was a piece I did for Inktober this year that i was relatively happy with.

By Kayleigh O' Flaherty, aspiring storyboard artist.

I have been doing a lot of work recently with all the assignments I have been given, so I have not been able to do a lot of my own personal work. Here is a snippet from my Media Writing journal. It is a coloured sketch of my food I got at the Coco Cafehere in Clonmel.

By Piotr Chodup (Aspiring Animator/Storyboard Artist)…

A drawing of Hill House inspired by the novel, written by Shirley Jackson.

Original work by Piotr Chodup

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.

Sharing moments are always the best.

Iris and Piotr

By Olga aspiring character designer

This is a design of my own character, Worick, a detective bunny. This five point turnaround was an assignment for the character design class, and I’m very happy with the results!

Detective Bunny

By Leonardo Pisano aspiring 3d artist and drawing artist
Just finished a drawing of a female face without creating construction shapes first

#drawing #lineart