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Every university student today should be armed with the tools of digital transformation because no job is for life anymore.

Bernie is topgold

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I've made [three important discoveries]( while using the Readwise app and Readwise dashboard.

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Start with empathy.

Design with Empathy

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Lots to admire from Ali Abdaal as he explains fulfillment from writing routinely. His advice forms a major justification for the Media Writing for Animation module on the Clonmel Digital Campus. #ShowYourWork

Big iPhone Milestone

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On Mac Rumors is reaearch showing iPhones account for more than half of the U.S. mobile phone market share for the first time. Data comes from Counterpoint Research. It's iPhone's highest market share since the phone debuted in 2007.

On our campus, no more than 30% of university students have iPhones. Most use Android phones made by Samsung.

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Add the Einscan HX to the Wish List.

Einscan HX

Copyright for Scribbled Lyrics

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David Bowie’s £30000 handwritten lyrics complete with scribbled error.


History Underfoot

East Lane

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Where I live in Tipperary, I realise there’s a lot of history underfoot.


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Learn how to capture and keep attention.

Protect Teens from Big Tech

Too Much Screentime

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Around 2012, something began to go wrong in the lives of teens. Depression, self-harm & suicide all increased sharply. The increase occurred at the same time social media use moved from optional to virtually mandatory among teens.

-- [Brad Wilcox](

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Old Skool

Applying a rule from Pixar with a camera from 1961

I wonder how Beto has time to write. He is all over rural Texas, seeing people who will never vote for a Democrat. I want to read how he does it. We’ve Got to Try by Beto O’Rourke 📚

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Appreciating the value of Atomic Essays.

Across the American frontier with your two wives

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Wednesday, June 3. The crew consisted of four Canadians, two of whom were attended by their wives, and a German; we were accompanied also by an Indian, who had acquired the title of English Chief, and his two wives, in a small canoe, with two young Indians; his followers in another small canoe. These men were engaged to serve us in the twofold capacity of interpreters and hunters. This chief has been a principal leader of his countrymen who were in the habit of carrying furs to Churchhill Factory, Hudson’s Bay, and till of late very much attached to the interests of that company. These circumstances procured him the appelation of the English Chief.

from [Journal of the Voyage to the Pacific]( by Alexander Mackenzie 📚

Be wary of the transhumanists in your newsfeeds warns Emile P. Torres

Notetaking is like time travel–you are sending packets of knowledge through time to your future self.

-- Tiago Forte, Building a Second Brain, 2022

Wondering if MB can resolve simultaneous log-in instances.

By Mia, Cat sitter

Taking care of Echo :3

Shoes Make the Girl

By Mia, new media dev

New shoes make a statement.

Affected by Tragic Design

Tragic Design

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While flipping through Tragic Design I've discovered three examples directly related to my life.

Using spoken notes

Recording notes with Otter

Taking good notes with

Too hot for our Irish felines.

When we have a template to fill in, our ideas are changed into useful forms instead of splattered around haphazardly.

  • Tiago Forte, Building a Second Brain

    @topgold is a big fan of Airtable templates when approaching this type of goal.

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Spotting a new Leuchtturm 1917 in the MB feed.

Practicing Progressive Summarization

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Faced with eight equally compelling projects, I’m looking to my Second Brain for guidance. And I’m using coloured pencils as a crutch.

Summarize a group of noted related to projects you’re currently working on using multiple layers of highlighting to see how it affects the way you interact with those notes.

-- Tiago Forte