by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.

Last month, I shared thoughts about creating content on the fly by talking to myself. Elsie Escobar asked, “How do people listen to things they enjoy hearing, and then remember what they heard?” I suggested some method I used and talked about it in Edtech from Ireland Episode number 101. The episode is about making quick audio snippets into something that you can remember and maybe revisit later. So today, I’m using to take a eureka moment about microblogging and I am talking about it on my Samsung phone’s Otter app. Otter will generate a transcript and if everything works correctly, I’ll simply copy and paste that transcript directly into the clonmeldigital microblog.

So this is another way, Elsie, to capture a moment by creating a microcast in Otter and publish the result on a microblog. You make an audio clip with your handset’s microphone using Otter and then you paste the Otter transcript into your microblog. The eureka moment can become more actionable, because you can actually see the words that you were saying during your audio selfie moment.

I’m going to keep experimenting with this process over on Bye for now

The blog post above was edited from the transcript below that was generated by 

Otter Transcript