By Kayleigh O' Flaherty - Aspiring story / storyboard artist

It has come to that time of year again where all I have been doing is making lists and slowly ticking off what ever assignments I have left to do before Christmas. This time of the year is always crammed with assignments and projects that I have to finish for Christmas assesments. This has not allowed me much time to focus on my personal work but knowing I can do whatever I want after I finish all my projects and relax is a big motivator for me. Time is scarce espiceally with having a job on top of college work. One thing in particular I have liked is making an illustration portfolio for one of my modules. It was part of my final assignments for my Illustration for Animation. It includes process work, sketches and final pieces done for my character I created. It has a lot of work I like and am happy with showing. For anyone who is interested, I will provide a link to the portfolio. I know I always find it interesting to look through peoples process work and see how they got to the final result in the end, so I hope this will do the same.