Artwork by Andrew

by Andrew Faulkner aspiring artist

I enjoy art in many forms, I love to draw, write and even make music at times. I draw almost everyday and I’m always thinking of ideas for games, movies, shows etc. I like to write my own stories, usually they are either fantasy or sci-fi, sometimes I even try my hand at horror. I then draw pictures of characters from the stories I come up with and then if I’m really happy with the ideas I may even make a bit of music for the story. If I come up with an idea, I immediately write it down or draw a character or characters from it.

My biggest aspiration in life is to get good at proper animation and maybe even professional music development so that I can bring my stories and characters I created to life and show them to the world. I mainly plan to work by myself, maybe even form my own studio so I don’t have to worry about companies altering my work to fit a specific demographic. I want my work to be unchanged and stay the way I want it.