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Middle Class Lifestyle Out of Reach for Many

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler The numbers are startling. The media home price in 1950 was 2.2 times the average income; by 2020, it was six times the average annual income. Child care costs grew about 2,220 percent—yes, you read that right—between 1972 and 2007. Family premiums for …

Cycling to coffee before work.

Heat pumps FTW

Estimates show that 90 percent of Japanese households use heat pumps to heat and cool homes, contributing to a 40 percent drop in the country’s electricity consumption over the past decade. In Italy, the government effectively pays citizens to use the technology; homeowners can get 110 percent …

By Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.My 11yo son has become an excellent crepe critic. He devours Nutella and banana crepes.

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.Our Axolotls are seven inches long. They don’t like the hot weather.

By Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.It is the warmest I’ve been in 28 years in Ireland.

I cross out my name

My name is a Confederate monument, so I cross it out when I write it. -- Baynard Woods From the author of Inheritance: An Autobiography of Whiteness

Exhaustion because it is the hottest day of the year.🐈

Rubber Ducking

By Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.

Thinkers Write

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler. Nobody seems to get this: the thinking is the writing and the writing is the thinking. One is not a consequence of the other. You can only hold a very few concepts in your mind at one time. High-level thinking has to be done on paper or on a screen. -- George …

Recognition Parameters Using AMZN Nest

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.Amazon has at least 17 patents for “recognition”. Some of those patents cite services using facial, voice, palm, finger, retina, iris, typing, and gait recognition.

The Never-Ending Now

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler. We’re forever chasing what’s new, ignoring anything older than 24 hours. -- David Perell

Shapes of Stories

By Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.Stories have very predictable shapes. Vonnegut, Pixar, and [Campbell]{…} have shown me their frameworks over the years. we teach those story-telling frameworks to animators and creative media developers on the TUS campus.

Watching Enthusiasm of Youth Media Team

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.I’m watching Dylan review his book of questions before interviewing people with stories to tell.

Tadpoles in the Pond

Snapped by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler. We have eight tadpoles and their siblings have hopped away already.

by Bernie Goldbach, content wranglerWhen my university students emerged from COVID, several of them arrived back on campus with e-scooters and e-bikes. The parking lot looks like it doesn’t need more tarmacadam because a surprising number of students don’t want to drive.

Zeigarnik Effect: Our brains are goal-focused, so we have better recall of unfinished tasks than finished ones. Exploit this by taking your breaks halfway through tasks. If you write, end the day mid- sentence so that when you return you’ll find it easier to get rolling again. G S Bhogal

By Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.I started culling video subscriptions with my daughter. We are on a €1000 reclamation mission.

Because we live at the edge of a forest

by Bernie Goldbach, content wranglerThe morning sunrise bathes our home as it slips through our own private henge.

The Motivation of a Blogger

by @topgold, Content Wrangler.Twenty years an interation of Movable Type and I remain motivated by the thought that I’m creating agency.

Culling Streaming

bu Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.We’re looking at ruthlessly culling our streaming subscriptions. Clever friends are suggesting work-arounds.

Comment from Sanjit Majumber (BBC) that I hang in a slide deck at the end of a business process workshop with game art designers. Deck by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler. This is important for you because it directly affects your life.

My First Micro Monday

By Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler. Image from David Hoang.On my first Micro Monday, I want to post my appreciation of [David Hoang's microblogging]( appreciate it even more now that I've discovered [his …

Planning another long westward run

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.Seventeen years ago, Ruth and I drove parallel to the original path of the Pony Express throughout the entire state of Nevada. Along the way, at least 10 motorcyles overtook us while we held a steady 85 mph.I want to watch my daughter drive that route when she …

After My First Week of Microblogging

by Bernie Goldbach, content wrangler.I’ve been microblogging for one week now. I appreciate the 2001 vibe that emanates from this microblogging community.Some of the original generation of bloggers now use microblogs or they share elements of their online presence as microblogs. The discovery …