Aspirations from the Haunted Box

by Sean Keane, aspiring VFX Artist and Digital Artist. Here are a few quick thoughts about what I'm doing now. My current work is mostly fan art of characters from video games and anime with a few original pieces as wellI hope to be able to improve my ability to draw and one day be able to draw on a …

By Kellie Flaherty Storyboard Artist Here’s a redraw I did of a promotional countdown illustration of the character Narciso Anasui drawn by the prop designer Daisuke Niizuma for the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

by @topgold Content Wrangler Trying from Gluon but I don’t think will see the image that appears on this post at The image is another 360 from a studio session.

by Cillian Ryan aspiring Character designer Alternate head designs I made for my character to add some different personality and feel to him. I added different shapes sizes and proportions to him to change audiences perception of him.

by Oggy, aspiring character designer and animator. This is a character design I made for a personal project - Geraldo “Scanvenger” Find more work by Oggy on IG at []

By Olga aspiring character designer This is a design of my own character, Worick, a detective bunny. This five point turnaround was an assignment for the character design class, and I’m very happy with the results!

Now: Exploring Visual Art with Sunny Lim

by Sunny Lim, Aspiring Concept ArtistCurrently I have found myself exploring the visual arts.Art has been my longest hobby and I have expanded it across many types of media, from markers, watercolor, charcoal, acrylic, and even sculpting, making art is always something that gets my hands working. …

Now: JimyJamz96 Doing 3D Modelling

by James O’Donovan Aspiring 3D Modeller Right now I’m building my portfolio in mainly 3D modelling and by putting extra effort into other creative areas by exploring styles that I wouldn’t normally go for, like character creation for example.